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AVAFXAVAFX represents a company that will deal in complete fairness and with total integrity not scam. Their AVATrader, which is their own Forex trading platform is simple enough for amateur traders, nevertheless can supply sophisticated experienced traders with each tool they will need too. In reviewing AVAFX we found that it is totally functional, rated high in service and most importantly had dealings that were always reflective of the highest business integrity.

AVAFx Services
First all, you are encouraged to try a free demo account. This account will be a practice account with $100,000. With this free account you may inspect the AVAFx resources as well as delve into their daily commentaries. In addition, the AVA Fx trading platform will supply you with online Forex trading charts, technical analysis tools, a Forex calendar, actual FX streaming news, to name but a few of their valuable services.

Financial Backing
A very large financial institution that manages billions in assets backs AVAFx, assuring your investment’s safety at all times. Also, AVA Fx is currently working with a volume of over $20 million per month!

Often overlooked as a very valuable source of problem solving, AVAFx is actually capable of dealing with you in the following languages: Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and of course English. Thus you may reach their very special support center even if you prefer to speak any of those languages instead of English.

AVAFx will offer you a full professional trading course in order to teach you everything you need to know to make successful trades in Forex. The course is performed online, thus you need not attend any classes, and instead attend on your schedule not theirs.

You will be able to reach someone 24 hours a day in order to receive all the technical as well as market advice from fellow traders. Some say that this is one of the best benefits you will ever receive from AVAFx.

FREE!! Free professional trading course and $100,000 practice account. Request today

Account Type and Promotion of The Month*
AVAFX has 4 exclusive account types as well as Free Cash Bonus for you.

  1. Silver. First Deposit Minimum: $100 – Free Cash Bonus: $50
  2. Gold.First Deposit Minimum: $1,000 – Free Cash Bonus: $100 – $1,000
  3. Platinum. First Deposit Minimum: $10,000 – Free Cash Bonus: $1,200
  4. AVA Premium. First Deposit Minimum: $50,000. You will get Special VIP Benefits.

* Bonus can change anytime without prior notice and depend on the total investment. For more details, please contact AVAFX Customer Support.

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